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The Garfields in America section has been redesigned into a PDF format that you can view online, download or print.  Some corrections are still needing to be made and information is available up to the tenth generation.  ​​

he Garfield Family Tree is a big project to make an interactive tree that you can use to trace your lineage and see any photos, records and tree outlines I have for individual ancestors.  Each member on the tree has a page that list general demographical data, as well as a biography and links to any photos, records and trees.  The indexes on the main Tree page are imported excel spreadsheets that you can view online and download or print, they are organized by surname and reference number.  By clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner you can open the full document and by using "ctrl +F"  you can search the document by keyword.  Within the indices  you will find links for records, photos and tree for each person listed if any are available.  clicking on the links will open them into new windows/tabs. Also listed on the main Tree page is a Source Index.  This is another excel spreadsheet I created to organize the sources of my records and uploaded it to the site for those who are interested in knowing what record collections are in my possession and where our data comes from.  This list is the list I use to cite the information contained throughout the website.  To browse the tree click on any of the names of note to jump to their pages.

he Photo section is redone to display photos in a gallery view.  I have a lot from my branches, but need more from others.  If you have photos already digitized and would like to send them to me to be included on the site, it would be much appreciated.  No better way to preserve them as a part of our history than to keep them published for all to enjoy.  If you do not have your photos digitized and would like them to be, I can do that for you if we can arrange to get them back and forth.  I will not post any photos of anyone living without the persons consent.  

he Records section is another big project where I am compiling all the digitized scans of documents I have and can find as well as preserving any audio/video records created.  So far there are records listed for the first three generations starting with Edward Garfield and audio recordings of my grandfather Richard Garfield telling tall tales about growing up in French Creek, NY on his dad's farm.  

The Memorials section is a place to remember those we've lost recently (since 2000).  If you would like to have a memorial created for someone, there is a form to submit the information to me and I will create one along the lines of the ones you see there already.  Any special requests for design can be worked out.  

he Newsletter will no longer be an email.  I have created a blog to post articles on and try to put one or two up per week.  I will be mixing in old newsletter articles as they are no longer available at the old site as well as new posts with information recently acquired or just something special to bring to everyones attention.  I also regularly post about site updates to notify when new information has been added to the site.  You can view it here:   Garfield Family History Newsletter    On the right hand column there is a search function, a blog roll with links to other relevant blogs, links to other relevant sites, a link to follow the blog which will send you an email when a new post has been added, a list of recent posts and a list of categories.  You can also "share" and "like" posts to Facebook and leave comments on posts.  

added the Message Board as a place where fellow researchers could pose questions to one another and help each other find answers.  A socialization room of sorts where you can also introduce yourself to other researchers and let people know what areas you are researching.  There are multiple categories to help narrow down topics: General, American research, British research, Military research, Unidentified members, Family news and General site comments.  You can view posts without logging in, but to make a post you will need to log in and can do so using any of the following accounts you may already have:  Facebook, Google, Twitter, LinkedIn Yahoo, or Windows.  A guest book is no longer an option to let us know you visited the site or to leave comments with, so this was the best thing I could find to fill that gap.  I hope to get a nice little community of like minded researchers together with it.  You can find the Message Board from the main site page or click here:  Garfield Family Message Board

he Research Room is a page I list sites I have found helpful in my research.  They will be either Garfield specific or general genealogical pages.  I have them arranged by category:  Historical Societies, Genealogical Societies, General Research, Government Services, Military Resources and Published Books. 

The Edward Garfield Society is still open for new members.  You can view a photo of the certificate on the Society's page here:   Edward Garfield Society    You will also find an up to date list of the 76 current members of the society.  Jayne Pawlisa is registering new members and can also help anyone needing it to get the proper proofs of their lineal decent from Edward Garfield.  Her contact information can be found on the Society's page.  It is completely free to become a member, all we ask is that we be allowed to use any new information to help fill in blanks in our research but you do have the choice to keeping that information private if you wish.